July 10th, 2018


Coffee and Registration


Chair’s Opening Remarks: Cyber Resilience

Neil Sinclair, Chief Operating Officer, London Digital Security Centre


Keynote Presentation: Why is it so hard to sell cyber security to the board?

  • Understanding different perspectives: security experts vs. decision makers and employees
  • Closing the gap: Re-position and communicate cyber risks as business risks
  • Building positive and productive security habits

Angela Sasse, Professor of Human-Centred Technology at UCL &
Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience, AXELOS


Special Keynote: Cyber Security and Data Protection

  • Securing data and its privacy
  • Protecting the information rights of citizens
  • Ensuring that privacy works hand in hand with innovation in today’s evolving digital economy
  • Delivering Effective, modern data protection laws with robust safeguards
  • Securing the public’s trust and confidence in the use of persona information within the digital economy, the delivery of public services and the fight against crime
  • Ensuring transparency, control and accountability.

Steven Eckersley, Head of Enforcement, ICO


Go Beyond Compliance - Deliver a ‘Data Trust’ Revolution

  • How we are in a data revolution and why Government and Companies can’t ignore this;
  • What the ‘disruptive’ technologies will be and why they are transformational;
  • What GDPR is trying to achieve and why it is a positive force for change and just about the huge fines;
  • How going beyond compliance and delivering ‘data trust’ to consumers will benefit the economy and society in general;

Gordon Morrison, Vice-Chair, techUK’s Cyber Security Management Committee and the Director of Government Affairs, Splunk


Questions and Answers


Closing Morning Keynote: New technology, Static Security

This keynote will explore the ongoing challenges, and seeks to identify the obstacles that are hindering the effective use of security systems alongside established and emerging technologies:

  • Understanding the need for security as an implicit part of adopting new technologies and raising expectations for security across all ranges of technology and information.
  • Developing stronger, more reliable, and more usable security tools;
  • Overcoming the ignorance and misconceptions of the “user” to prevent breaches;
  • Identifying examples of technologies that are advancing the agenda (e.g. biometrics on mobile devices).

Professor Steve Furnell, Professor in Information Security, School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science & Engineering), University of Plymouth


Coffee and Networking


Seminar Sessions A, B & C

Seminar A - ‘A New Era of Cyber Threats: The Shift to Self Learning, Self Defending Networks’

Henry Gorst, Senior Cyber Security Manager, Darktrace.

Seminar B - Back to IT Security Basics: What’s Getting Lost in All the Buzz

Duncan Innes, Public Sector IT Audit & Compliance Specialist &
Peter Smith, Regional Sales Manager - Europe, Netwrix (UK) Limited

Seminar C - New technology, Static Security

Professor Steve Furnell, Professor in Information Security, School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science & Engineering), University of Plymouth


Lunch and Networking


Seminar Sessions D, E

Seminar D - Security in Depth - Protecting Your IT Environment in the Public Sector

John Hurst, James Burchell, SOPHOS

Seminar E - Cyber & Data Security - An Insurance, Legal and Risk Management Perspective

Phil Webster, Executive Director - Education, Gallagher & Hans Allnutt, Partner and lead of Cyber and Data Risk Team, DAC Beachcroft


Afternoon Keynote Presentation: Ensuring Security is an Innate Part of the Procurement Process and the Technology being Procured

  • Taking a prudent approach to security investments and strategy.
  • Building security into all your products from the beginning
  • Ensuring security is never a goal in itself – it is a process
  • Making sure security is not compromising usability
  • It should not require extensive configuration, and it should be work-reliable

Niall Quinn, Commercial Director for Technology, Crown Commercial Service


Questions and Answers


Combatting the Coming Cyber Crime Wave

  • How cyber crime has developed and grown
  • The professionalization of cyber crime
  • New cyber crimes
  • How to tackle changes in cyber crime

Robin Smith, Head of Cyber Security , South Yorkshire NHS


Coffee, Networking and Conference Close